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The wonderful team behind UTCR.Live

Benjamin Lewis

Executive Producer

The most glorious member of the production team. Definitely not just because he's writing these descriptions for everyone.

Oliver Beardsall

Producer + Sound Engineer

He's pretty useless but he can make a damn good cup of tea. Actually, he really can't; he made me tea once it was awful. But his audio sounds good usually!

Reilly Hewitson

Producer + Web Developer

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Thomas Wright

Business Relationship Manager

Tom kinda just showed up one day ready and raring to go. We let him in and now he's meant to send emails to important people.

Jeetaditya Chatterjee

Host + Production assistant

No-one can pronounce his name so we call him yeet. However he does know his stuff.

Elliott Scott

Sports Correspondent

Our expert sports correspondent who has probably played football at least once.

Cam Curtis


Nobody knows how he got this job, he's got no experience, can't talk very well. But apparently sounds very good on the radio!

Matt Salé


He pretty much came with the room when we first hired it but now he's the nations favourite radio host that nobody knows about.

Daniel Bradley

Host + Politics Correspondent

With an extensive background in annoying everyone by talking about politics too much, Dan is absolutely perfect for this role and only sometimes has to be cut off for time.

Luke Holland


The greenie in the room. Is surprisingly good at this!

Rory Milligan

Music Man

A strange individual, sometimes he plays music, sometimes he disappears. Shrouded in mysery Rory is a magical being. Much to the likes of a pegasus.